Our Coaches

Greater Insights. Better Tutoring.

At Thinkster, our coaches are all certified, experienced maths teachers. Your dedicated coach will work diligently to provide one-on-one coaching, daily grading and feedback tailored to your child. We strive to help students perform at their best and achieve their academic goals.

Customised First-Class Learning

The Human Touch

  • Coaches grade worksheets daily providing personalised comments for the student. Coaches are ready to support students through videos and notes.

  • 1:1 whiteboard sessions with the student are used to coach through challenging concepts, preview topics, answer homework questions, or prep for tests. Phone calls with the parent occur in order to discuss the learning plan and goals.

Meet a Few of Our Math Coaches

Anne Thavamani, India

“I, as a teacher believe in lots of encouragement to the kids which shall help them explore their inner strength and their potential. This program had me work with the kids to see good results in their hardwork. So it’s always been a pleasure working with the kids and helping them with their success stories, as we truly believe dedication helps us reach the goals and all of us are destined to be a winner. So I am truly honoured to be a Thinkster Coach. ”

Vidhya Viswanathan, India

“I have a Masters degree in Statistics and I am a certified teacher from Florida, USA. I have 4 years of teaching experience in the US and 4 years of experience with Thinkster Math. To me, Math is not just a subject... it is part of our life, calculated as time, money and energy... to add more beauty, to multiply our happiness and divide our valuable time wisely.”

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