Our Burning Mission


Our Philosophy

Be around for 500+ years…

Harvard University in Spring.

You will be amazed at how clarity sets in quickly when you set a horizon for your existence. When we speak internally about being around for a minimum of 500 years, everything takes a different hue and our perspective gets defined by our purpose.

We compare ourselves with MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Princeton and the like. Not out of vanity, but out of respect. You don’t question the existence of these institutions for the next 500+ years. We aspire for the same. This makes everything we do have a purpose.

We build products that are robust. We talk to people with a deep sense of caring and trust. We want to be known as the company that creates learning experiences that matter.

Our Purpose

Solve The Biggest Problems in Education…

At Thinkster Math, we come to work everyday because we want to solve the biggest problems in Education. We've also sent our kids to Kumon, Mathnasium, and other math tutoring providers, and have used IXL and a host of websites that promised to help our children.

Today, there are over one billion students on the planet and hundreds of thousands of tutoring centers. Some were created last night, and some have been around a few years. But none of them are able to guarantee learning outcomes the way parents and students want them. Parents want to genuinely help their children to learn better, faster, and more efficiently, but often struggle to find the right provider. Students are frustrated because they want to learn everything as quickly as possible with the minimal amount of effort and not dwell on topics that they already know. We get it. We were students once and are parents now.

We figured that there ought to be a better way to deliver math learning. We want to make the learning process very transparent for parents and students. We make this happen today by using patent-pending technologies and data driven insights to ensure that our teachers provide specific and actionable guidance to students and help them accelerate their learning. We also make sure that parents are kept informed of every step of progress that their students make through weekly conferences and a dedicated parent insights app. We do this by ensuring that the foundation of our program and the curriculum we use is not only world-class, but is steeped in delivering skills that are reusable in all of life – the ability to think!

Our purpose is singular and constant - that we will develop the world’s most cherished learning program that guarantees learning outcomes without limitations of geography, curriculum standards, or limitations of access.

Our Culture

Innovate, Inspire and be Humble & Authentic…

Our Culture is Defined by Purpose


We are true to ourselves, honest and transparent with our thinking with no hidden agendas. We are an open book and eager to connect with everyone around us. We will only do things legally and ethically.


We seek to be fresh in our thinking and inspiring with everything we do.


Our foundation is based on the philosophy that we are deeply attracted to making things better - to make the world better tomorrow than the one we inherited today.

Passion for learning

We do this by seeking to keep continuous learning as our mantra and for pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible and not possible.

Pursue Excellence

Whatever we do, we will do it with pride, ownership, and great deal of industriousness, and we will strive to deliver nothing but the best.


We remain humble in whatever we do and how we interact with our customers, partners, and each other, along with the way we speak about ourselves.


We have a strong bias for hearing everyone’s opinions - including our customers. There are no bad ideas, only those that we have not heard so far.


We look at the world through optimistic eyes and believe that we attract happiness, good things, and good people, around us all the time.


We dare to dream big, and have the courage to create, fail, and create better. We believe that remaining curious is a virtue.

Our Offerings

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Searching for a math program that makes math enjoyable and guarantees learning improvements? We have 6 reasons why you need to try Thinkster today.

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Thinkster Math (previously known as Tabtor Math) has rapidly become the world leader in personalized, AI and technology enabled math tutoring. By using research based intervention methods and promoting conceptual, analytical and reasoning skills using problems tied to real-life situations, the company is able to create lifelong learners by improving their ability to think and rapidly accelerate their problem solving skills.

Using digital analytics, dedicated elite tutors, and patent-pending Active Replay Technology (ART), our tutors are able to visualize student thinking, allowing them to understand not only what mistakes student’s made, but why they made it thus accelerating their learning curves. ART also allows our tutors to play back student work and give feedback specific to the mistake they made. A companion smartphone app provides parents with insights on a daily basis by viewing the dynamically updating progress matrix. Thinkster Math’s learning program provides personal attention from a dedicated elite tutor and is specifically tailored to every child’s unique learning needs. It offers a world-class curriculum aligned with common core, provincial, state and country standards for grades K-8. Thousands of students spanning 30+ countries have seen up to 90% improvement in math performance after just 3 months. With awesome reviews by The New York Times, Apple, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Forbes, Fast Company and many more, Thinkster Math is a smart, focused new option for students who want to accelerate their progress in math. For more information, visit Hellothinkster.com.

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