Thinkster for Educators: Teaching Math on the iPad ®

Thinkster Math Lab Actively used In Classrooms

Thinkster Math Lab
Actively Working in Schools Across the Globe
  • Cambridge Elementary School

  • Indian Fields Elementary

  • Brooks Crossing Elementary

  • Brunswick Acres Elementary

  • Deans Elementary

  • Constable Elementary

  • Monmouth Junction Elementary

  • Mabelvale Elementary

  • Rutgers Prep School

  • Lutheran Concordia School

  • Highlander Charter School

Math in Schools

One of the most out-spoken criticism against early childhood educational systems experiencing low matriculation is the high teacher to student ratio. Now with Thinkster, you can decrease that ratio significantly. Thinkster acts as a teacher’s assistant for each and every one of your students!

  • Engage your students and hone their math skills in an interactive and proven way.

  • Achieve all of this while also improving teacher productivity with our advanced reporting system enabling personalization for each and every student.

  • Thinkster is a powerful learning tool aligned with the Common Core State Standards that can be easily integrated into your students’ math curriculum and revolutionize the way they interact with math.

Thinkster math actively used in classrooms

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